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Gemma McCaw's praise for the midwife who delivered baby Charlotte

''My midwife helped me at my most vulnerable time and I feel so lucky to have had her support.''

By Gemma McCaw
As I reflect on the last eight weeks since I became a mum, amid the exhaustion and fierce love I have felt, the most overwhelming feeling has been a huge sense of gratitude.
Besides the encouraging support of my husband, my family, my friends and even people we've never met, I have felt extremely grateful for my midwife – and all the midwives in our country.
I sit here with such immense appreciation for the safe delivery of our girl Charlotte Rose and for the way I was cared for like a dear friend. At every single appointment, I was greeted with the same warm smile and compassion – despite the fact my midwife had often been up all night, helping bring another new life into the world.
It's the little things that our midwives do for women every day that amaze me, like making us feel we are enough and reassuring us that everything will be OK. Even at times when I felt unsure, I was empowered and with little experience of the responsibility of caring for the most precious thing,
I never once felt alone.
Motherhood must be one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs in the world. My midwife helped me at my most vulnerable time and I feel so lucky to have had her support.
So thank you to my wonderful midwife, and to all those out there who go above and beyond to care for our children, patients, the elderly and those less fortunate than ourselves – we are so grateful.


It's the most powerful way to express your gratitude – and you never know, your friendly face might be just what the other person needs to brighten their day.

Pause for thought

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Write a note of thanks

Too often we feel gratitude but fail to express it. Not only does expressing appreciation boost our positive emotions, but it will also benefit the other person's psychological wellbeing.

The power of words

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Hunt for the good in life

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