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Teenage Coro St star Alex Bain finds out he's going to be a dad in real life

Alex Bain and Levi Selby are set to become teen parents in December.

There's been another teen pregnancy shock in Coronation Street, but this one is not a storyline in the popular soap, it's for real.
Sixteen-year-old Alex Bain, who plays the wayward Simon Barlow, is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Levi Selby, who is also 16.
Alex, who joined Coro St 10 years ago when he was just six, hasn't commented publicly on the surprise news, but a friend says, "Alex has been telling everyone he's going to be a father. He isn't keeping it a secret. It's hard to tell if he's happy about it or not, but he's definitely not ashamed of it."
Alex and Levi have been dating since April last year.
In her social media post, Levi said the baby was due on December 8. Since she made the news public by posting pictures of her 12-week scan, both Levi and Alex have been blasted by internet trolls for being irresponsible.
"Maybe he's as dim as Simon, the unlikable character he plays in Corrie," wrote one person. "Shocking news and nothing to be proud of."
Levi's mum Judith Calvert hit back at the criticism, describing the trolls as jealous bullies. She appears to be supporting her daughter and has changed her Facebook profile picture to a shot of the scan.
Alex, meanwhile, is believed to be concentrating on studying for his GCSE exams.

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