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Art & Matilda's baby surprise

Three's a charm!

New Zealand reality-TV royalty Matilda and Art Green are expecting their third child, with Matilda revealing she was struggling with a "bad morning-sickness day" on her parenting podcast Untidy,
co-hosted with author Hannah Davison.
Later speaking about her nausea to Woman's Day, Matilda, 32, says, "It's not every day any more, thankfully. But my goodness, what a ride!"
Morning sickness isn't the only "fun side effect" Matilda's experiencing – she's also grappling with a vulvar varicose vein. "It's so insulting and it's so painful," she shares. "It's driving me crazy."
With Untidy co-creators Flicka Williams (middle) and Hannah Davison.
She's had to purchase a girdle from the US to help with the discomfort, joking that the vein is "so big, it needs its own sling"!
Unfortunately, the girdle arrived without a belt. "So I'm still waiting for the belt to be shipped. It better be worth it as I'm dropping some serious coin on the shipping."
Matilda and Art, 35, who met on the first season of The Bachelor New Zealand in 2015, already have four-year-old son Milo and daughter Autumn, who's about to turn two. And the influencer hasn't ruled out the possibility she could be carrying twins as she hasn't had her 20-week scan yet!
"I've got a decent belly and I'm sure I wasn't this big until at least six or seven months with Milo, but I think that's just third baby – your body knows what to do," she says, laughing that hubby Art "couldn't even joke about" the idea of two new bundles of joy!
Matilda hopes to have a home birth, as she did with Autumn, but she admits it'll probably be different this time around. "With the third pregnancy, I'm like, 'I can't be arsed with a pool – just have it in the bath.'" When we asked about the size of her tub, she replied, "It's not huge, but I got in there the other night to test it and I reckon I could happily push out a baby in there."
The couple won't be finding out what sex their little one is. "It's going to be a big old surprise!" says Matilda.

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