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Anna Hutchison has given birth to a baby girl - and her name is just delightful

Anna and husband Mike Gilliespie could not be happier!

Kiwi actress Anna Hutchison has given birth to a baby girl.
The Go Girls star, who shot to stardom in the early 2000s when she played teenager Delphi Greenlaw on Shortland Street, announced the news on Instagram, sharing a photo of herself with her new baby daughter with the caption, "Made with love💕 Our beautiful Joanie Pearl 👨‍👩‍👧"

Anna's husband, talent manager and film producer Mike Gillespie, also shared the news on social media, announcing on Monday, "Joanie Pearl Gillespie arrived today 8-12-19 at 7am sharp! Throughout all of our accomplishment she is our masterpiece! Weighing in at 5lbs, 10oz. Tiny girl, lots of love!👨‍👩‍👧"

Anna and Boston-born Mike were married in a fairytale wedding on Waiheke Island in December 2018.
Anna told Woman's Day that after gettting married their next step would be, hopefully, starting a family.
"I've wanted to be a mum for years, so hopefully we're able to have little bubbas. That would be so wonderful," she said.
Anna and Mike at the World Premiere of 'Robert The Bruce' during the 73rd Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland in June.
The couple met in Melbourne in 2012 while making a movie, Aussie rules football drama Blinder; Anna was starring in it and Mike was producing it.
He recalls, "She was so beautiful, so funny and always laughing. I loved her energy."
Anna says, "He was really loud, tanned and tattooed, but he was always up for adventure and just so positive."
The couple moved in together in Beverly Hills a year into their relationship and then Mike took Anna by surprise, popping the question during a trip to Paris in 2017.
Anna told Woman's Day she almost ruined the moment.
Hit hard by jetlag, she opted out of Mike's sight-seeing plans in favour of a six-hour nap and couldn't understand why Mike wanted to dress nicely, making him put on an old shirt with holes in it when they finally left their hotel.
Anna grins, "I was in a puffer jacket, jeans and running shoes, with no make-up, and we'd just gone for a river cruise. I wanted to go back to bed, so I was walking in front of him on our way back to the hotel, when he asked, 'Will you love me forever?'
"I was like, 'Of course,' then I turned around to tell him to hurry up, but he was down on one knee. He'd caught me completely off guard. It was so rad. We're both very emotional, so we cried and cried, then hopped in a taxi and celebrated with a fancy dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower."