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800 Words actor Alex Tarrant's biggest blessing: his four month old son Beaumont

“He’s a great little guy. We’re very blessed to have such a happy, healthy little boy.”

By Fleur Mealing
As the Woman's Day team crowds behind the photographer with rattling toys in hand, Beaumont Tarrant flashes a massive smile to the camera. But it should come as no surprise that this wide-eyed baby is good in front of flashing lights – it's in the genes, after all!
Proud dad Alex Tarrant, from TV's Filthy Rich and 800 Words, exclaims, "He smiles at almost everyone."
And Beau's doting mum, Auckward Love star Luci Hare, gushes, "He's a great little guy. We're very blessed to have such a happy, healthy little boy."
At four months old, Beau – who looks like the perfect mix of his parents – is already out to impress. He's hitting all his milestones and teething well before he is supposed to too.
Alex (right) in 800 Words
Born on February 7, four days before his due date, Beaumont has made a habit of being early – although from the moment Luci found out she was pregnant, she and Alex (both 27) were convinced their baby was going to arrive the day before, on Waitangi Day.
Indeed, the actress went into labour bang on February 6, but the new parents suspect Beau knew it would be more special to hang on for one more day. You see, Luci's father Graham passed away on Waitangi Day in 2016.
She explains, "It makes that day not as overwhelming because now I know that just on the other side of that anniversary is a cool little man's birthday. It's a nice little nod to my dad."
Luci (second from left) in Auckward Love
Luci says the name Beaumont, which means "beautiful mountain" in French, came to her in a dream. It fits perfectly for their bundle of joy, who was born in Mount Maunganui.
"We were in the Mount while Luci was pregnant and it's a pretty beautiful place to be," says Alex.
Meanwhile, the wee lad's middle name is a tribute to Luci's grandfather Brian Major Hall.
She tells, "My sister has got my dad's names for her kids and my grandfather was the most wonderful man, so we thought we would do a little nod to him."
Meanwhile, both Luci and Alex were surprised at their two-year-old British bulldog Winston's response to his new "little brother".
Usually a "rough and pushy bulldozer of love" with no regard for personal space, they were expecting to have to stop him from smothering Beau with affection. Instead, on their first meeting, Winston gently sniffed the newborn and walked off contentedly. Alex smiles, "It's shown us a very calm, different side of him."
However, Beau isn't the only new addition, with Luci flashing a beautiful blue topaz sparkler from Naveya & Sloane on her finger.
The pair, who met at Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School in 2010, became engaged on New Year's Eve while hanging out at Alex's parents' house.
He asked, "Do you want to be my best friend ... forever?" Luci laughs, "Of course, I said yes."
Alex adds, "It was very us – casual and organic, but still special. We've never been the most traditional people."
The engagement and Beau's arrival have marked a new beginning for the couple. Luci tells, "Marriage really is just us saying, 'We're a team.'"
The pair haven't made any wedding plans yet, but the bride-to-be confides that they have already discussed expanding their family.
"I truly believe it was one of Alex's callings to be a dad," says Luci, adding the couple want to adopt or foster a child who needs a stable, loving family, rather than having another of their own.
"I'd like to help kids who need a home, parents, a brother – and a dog to stand all over them!"
But as it is, she and Alex get choked up just talking about their "little man". Eyes welling up, Luci says, "There's nothing you can describe that is close to that feeling when I look down and he smiles at me."
Also tearing up, Alex agrees, "It's feels familiar, like a natural instinct – like I've been ready to be a father for a while."

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