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Waikato woman posts photo of herself online breastfeeding in supermarket

The mother has spoken out on her decision to feed her baby in public.

A young Kiwi mum’s decision to post a photo of herself breastfeeding has received a huge amount of support, and is now making headlines worldwide.
Jacinta Moana, 18, shared the photo to Facebook last Tuesday along with the message: “Honestly mommy’s have no shame if you’re babies are hungry feed them don’t worry about what other a-------s think because I wouldn't leave my babies starve that’s for sure.” (sic)
The post has been liked more than 1800 times, and has had close to 500 shares.
In an interview with the Daily Mail, the Waikato mother of two five-month-old boys says most people have responded well to the post.
"Most of the comments have been positive and kind, Moana said.
When asked to explain her decision to feed her baby in public, Moana said one of twins had become unsettled while the family was out shopping.
“I didn’t want him to be screaming and kicking around so I decided to feed him in public.
“I wasn’t going to let him starve and I didn’t really care what people thought."
It’s understood Moana was shopping in the supermarket for around two hours, but only breastfed her child for about half an hour.
She says her decision share the photo was to help get the message to new mothers who might be struggling with a similar situation.
“I wanted to tell mothers out there to have the confidence to do anything.”