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This dad has come up with an incredible way to stop his baby crying in seconds

This man could be the saviour of every new parent.

If you’re struggling with getting your new baby to sleep, then this dad’s technique could be the answer to your prayers.
New father Daniel Eisenman recently shared a video on Facebook showing how he gets his baby to go to sleep, within a matter of minutes.
It's since gone viral, and has racked up more than 25 million views in less than a week.
His method is not so much a trick, as it is a way of calming the bub using a meditative 'OM' which from the looks of this video, appears to have incredible results.
Daniel Eisenman shows how easy it is to OM a baby into a serene sleep. Photo: Facebook
The video came about when Eisenman, who is a motivational speaker, was broadcasting live on Facebook. It shows him talking to the camera holding his daughter Divina in his arms, when suddenly she begins to cry.
Switching his attention to his baby girl, Eisenman calmly lets out a long ‘OM’ sound that appears to calm his crying child within moments.
He holds the sound for about 20 seconds before trailing off quietly, with his wee girl now sound asleep.
The video has gotten widespread praise from many of those who’ve tried the technique.
One commenter wrote: “This kinda stuff really works. Good job, Dad.”
While another added; “You may laugh at this but I tried it in desperation last night, and it worked!”
When one commented Divina “was a Buddist monk in a past life”, Eisenman revealed he and his partner had been OM-ing to their daughter before she’d even been born.
“Birth story video coming soon, but so everyone knows we did #OM to her while in the womb, and she was actually birthed in our living room while Thai #Buddhist #monks were chanting over #YouTube.”