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These are the most important etiquette lessons you can teach your child

We bring you a masterclass in modern manners from an expert.

A well-mannered child is quite possibly every parents dream, but what does it take to make sure your young ones get to grips with etiquette from an early age?
Beaumont Etiquette founder Myka Meier says the best way to instill positive social skills is to start young.
“You can begin teaching etiquette to children as soon as they begin speaking,” she told Town and Country.
She recommends parents begin with the basics.
“Start by teaching them ‘please and thank you’ when they ask for something.
“When the child is old enough to sit at the dinner table (even in a high chair), you can start teaching dining etiquette.”
Meier says parents need to make manners the norm, rather than something children need to learn, and possibly struggle with later in life.
“I encourage family meals, so kids understand from an early age what manners are expected from them during a meal."
The expert explains the true meaning of etiquette is always to show respect and kinds to everyone around you.
"I teach children that good manners simply means to be kind, thoughtful, and respectful at all times…all lessons that can start very young."
Clearly having well-mannered children is on the minds of Kiwi parents too.
As we reported earlier this year, a Kiwi mum has opened up a manners school to teach the lost art of social etiquette.
Mr and Mrs Manners was the brainchild of Jodi Tempero who said her daughter's bad manners were the tipping point.
“Kids these days have become very self-absorbed,” she said. “My daughter was the number one reason that I started the school. We need to be putting more time into our manners.”
If you're wondering where to start, Meier has shared a list of her top 20 etiquette lessons every child should know. We bring you our five personal favourites.

Top 5 etiquette lessons for kids