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Mum makes repulsive discovery in the lining of her daughter's school skirt

How had the rodent ended up there in the first place?

This story taught us three valuable lessons: Don't write about things like this while you're eating your lunch. Don't read about things like this while you're eating your lunch. And definitely don't watch the video.
So here goes...
A mother from the UK made the most disgusting discovery ever when she noticed a bad smell coming from the lining of her daughter's new school skirt. The lining also appeared thicker in one part of the skirt than the others.
Natalie Kirkwood had bought the skirt from British retailer Asda for her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, to wear to school.
So she did what any curious/thorough/concerned parent would do and took to the skirt lining with a pair of scissors.
What did she find?
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A dead mouse.
How had it got there? How long ago had it been sewn into the skirt lining? The smell would suggest a wee while ago.
In the footage Kirkwood can be heard saying: "Oh my god, the smell..."
The NZ Herald reported that Kirkwood said her daughter had worn the skirt on numerous occasions. Okay, now we feel really sick.
Asda has been contacted and notified of the find.
An Asda spokesman has said: "We have begun a thorough investigation into how the mouse got into a skirt that was manufactured last summer."​