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Kristen Bell breastfed her husband to ease her mastitis

While her tale sounds shocking, it also highlights a common issue among breastfeeding women.

Kristen Bell is famed for her 'TMI' moments, from recalling on national television the time her kids walked in on her and her husband Dax Shepard having sex, to courageously announcing therapy was the key to the couple's happy marriage. Kristen is not afraid to speak with honesty and this is why we love her.
Her latest story is no exception, and this one raises awareness about a common health concern that affects as many as one in five breastfeeding mothers: mastitis.

In an episode of her new web series on EllenTube called Momsplaining, the mum-of-two discusses breastfeeding and mastitis. Recalling the third time she suffered from mastitis while weaning her baby, Kristen and her husband were in Atlanta and out of reach of a doctor who could prescribe antibiotics.
"So I said to my husband, 'I'm going to need you to suck this out'," Kristen says much to the horror of her guest Scandal actress Katie Lowes who then asked, "did he do it?"
Kristen goes on to explain how her actor husband Dax nursed from her breast to drain it of milk.
"He had a cup next to him, he was pulling out and spitting into this cup, and I've never been more in love in my life," she concludes with a smile.
Draining the breast of milk is the first step in treating mastitis if a woman begins to show early symptoms, says the World Health Organisation.
And while Kristen's confrontingly honest account shows the lengths her husband will go to help ease his wife's pain, the recommended treatment of blocked milk ducts is antibiotics, of which the star stresses she's not opposed to taking.

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