Woman falls pregnant on third internet date despite morning after pill

I've only seen this guy a few times. He's going to do a runner. Of course he is.
Dating App

Dating App

A woman from Queensland fell pregnant on her third internet date, despite taking the morning after pill.

Di Peppler, 35, met Sean Sweeney, 34, on dating app Plenty of Fish, and the pair soon hit it off.

After several weeks of chatting, the pair decided to meet in person, and three dates in – had taken things to the next level.

But to Di’s shock, despite taking the Morning After Pill following their liaison, she had fallen pregnant.

“I just gasped,” said Di.

“I’ve only seen this guy a few times. He’s going to do a runner. Of course he is.”

Already intent on keeping the baby, Di sent Sean a text message, telling him to call her when he gets a chance.

His reaction was remarkably chilled, telling her: “Oh, well, I suppose it was going to happen sometime.”

Nine months later, and Isobel Violet was born, and six months on – the little family live together in Sean’s home in Innisfail.

He told The Daily Telegraph that he knew he was falling in love with DI during those first few weeks, and that the whole experience has been “pretty amazing.”

“One minute I’d told him I was pregnant and the next minute he was farting in front of me. I was like, ‘Hey! We’re still meant to be in the honeymoon period — you can’t do that!’ And Sean was like, ‘Babe, we’re way past that now,’” said Di.

Di admits things could have been very different, as she was about to delete the Plenty of Fish app before she was messaged by Sean, who told her she had “beautiful eyes.”

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