The remarkable woman who breastfed her baby while she ran the London Marathon

We don't know how she did it!

Most of us ease gently back into our former fitness routines after having a baby. It can take a few weeks to recover from the birth - longer if it was complicated - and then a combination of broken nights' sleep and hormonal changes can sap us of our energy. When mothers are breastfeeding they also need to consume extra calories just to support them to produce enough milk for their baby.
Which is why what we're about to tell you is so remarkable. This mother of an eight-month-old baby not only completed the London Marathon this week - she breastfed her baby while she ran it.
While her achievement was met with some criticism on Twitter, "absolutely full of admiration for her" was the response from most onlookers as they watched the new mum complete the incredible feat.
Many commenters branded her a hero and expressed their huge respect for her, describing her actions as "unreal".
"I ran in 2017," one Twitter user said. "Also had a baby 8 months ago and struggling to get back into running let alone a marathon!"
"As I was watching this still in pjs with my 8 month old I felt slightly lazy!!" commented another.
Let's just remind all new mothers, though, that they are not lazy if they're not out running marathons! This was remarkable, but not the setting of a new bar, and new mothers should not take on any pressure to be super-sporty mums now, too.
If Serena Williams postponed her return to tennis in 2018, because she didn't feel ready - there's a good chance most of us wouldn't leap back into high-level sport.
Parenting experts advise new mothers to be kind to themselves in the early weeks and months with a new baby, and ease into former fitness routines.
Breastfeeding experts recommend breastfeeding mothers consume an additional 500-800 calories (around 2090 to 3300 kilojoules) a day to support them to produce milk. They also need plenty of rest and to remain well-hydrated.
But we love what she has achieved. What a woman!