Why Antonia Prebble is putting family ahead of her career

There are inherent sacrifices when you're so far away from home.

After pursuing roles in Hollywood and Australia for the past few years, including landing a role in Sisters, the new hit show from the makers of Offspring, Antonia Prebble is home for Christmas and says family time is more precious than ever.
"As I get older, and my parents get older, I want to spend more time with them. I want to see my nephews grow up. So I feel slightly less energised towards fearlessly pursuing a career beyond the Antipodes," the Kiwi actress reveals in an exclusive interview with The Australian Women's Weekly.
She says she's grateful for the opportunities she's had overseas – particularly her role in the new Australian drama series Sisters, currently screening in Australia – but hopes to be sticking closer to home in the future.
"When you pursue something professionally away from New Zealand, yes, you're in the market for amazing gains, but there are inherent sacrifices because you're so far from home," she says.
Luckily for Antonia, filming for the fourth season of Westside will keep her busy here for some time. And although she will be flat-tack on the production, she will get a 'luxurious' two weeks off over summer, including Christmas Day in Wellington with her family.
Alongside the family tradition of sitting around the table singing The 12 Days of Christmas, Antonia's brother Ben will be back from England, with his new girlfriend, and her sister Becky will be there with two young children in tow, making Christmas Day even more special.
She reveals in this month's The Australian Women's Weekly that she also has a surprise new role away from the camera – for which she's having to overcome a small emotional hurdle – and tells all about her unexpected link to royalty.
Read the full story with Antonia Prebble in The Australian Women's Weekly, out now.

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