What the world looks like to a toddler

Have you ever wondered what they spend all day looking at?

Have you ever wondered what the world looks like when you are only knee-high?

This clever toddler has provided the definitive answer to what kids are really seeing thanks to his dad, a professional photographer.

Tim Jones, who runs JonesMrJones Photography as well as serving as an army photographer in the UK, gave his little boy Stanley one of his old cameras to see what would happen.

And what Stanley produced is a sweet look at the way he views the world.

“He wandered round the house and garden snapping away saying ‘cheese’ at everything,” Tim wrote on his website alongside his son’s pictures. “He even managed to switch the settings to ‘sepia’ at one point. I’m guessing he was feeling a bit pretentious and wanted to change the style of his shots. He looks through the viewfinder as well rather than use the LCD screen on the back.

“After he had finished and started to press all the buttons to see what they did I whacked the memory card in the MacBook and had a look at the pics. He did pretty well!”

The little boy even has his own Instagram account now!

Take a look through Stanley’s ‘portfolio’ by clicking through.

To see more of Stan – and Tim’s – work, click here.

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