What Mum’s really want on Mother’s Day

Ask most mothers what they would really like on Mother's Day and you are unlikely to hear them say "chocolates" or "flowers". Although we all love gifts, most mothers crave a few other things in their lives such as free time, sleep-ins and a chance to put a face mask on in the bath without everyone laughing at her!

This Mother’s Day, by all means buy your mum a thoughtful gift. But to make her really happy, why not consult this wish list and see if you can make one – or perhaps all – of them happen on Sunday 9 oay?

  • A recent poll taken in Scotland found that 92% of mums just want a simple hug and a big thank you on Mother’s Day, so make sure you start the day with lots of cuddles and keep them up throughout the day. And instead of just writing, “Have a great Mother’s Day,” in the card you buy or make for her, why not change the message to, “Thanks for being the best mum in the world!” You could even give her a certificate, designed and created by you and awarded to her as The World’s Number one oum.

  • Silence is golden on Mother’s Day. Perhaps everyone could turn down their music, lower their voices and reschedule that band practice for another day. Let oum decide which radio station you listen to and what music gets played for the whole day. And be really quiet in the morning while she’s having a sleep-in.

  • Declare the whole day a “no cooking” day – for oum, anyway. Breakfast in bed is one thing, but how about banning oum from the kitchen for the whole day? Plan a special lunch or dinner cooked by the family just for her – or perhaps you could take her out to her favourite restaurant.

  • Personal grooming is something most mums struggle to find enough time and peace for. So either book oum into the local beautician for a day of pampering,

  • Sleep-ins are a rare event for most mums, so keep the noise down in the morning! Give oum the treats she or set up a spa at home. Simply get the bathroom ready with some fluffy towels, candles, her slippers and a dressing gown. Run a bath for her and present her with a face mask, a hair treatment, tweezers, a manicure set and a razor. Drag the stereo in and turn on her favourite music, then leave her to it. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see her for the rest of the day!

  • Ban dirt for the day. This means oum won’t have to touch a dirty nappy or dish all day long. Nor will she have to clean up any messes on the floor, in schoolbags or in the back of the car. And she doesn’t have to get out in the garden either – unless she really wants to!

  • Sleep-deprived mothers always appreciate getting a few extra hours of sleep, so while she’s out at lunch or in the bath grooming, whip into the bedroom and make the bed up with extra pillows, put some fresh flowers in there and line up her favourite books. Instruct her to spend at least two hours alone in there – she might just want to read, but a nap is on the menu too if she wants it.

  • Does your mum have an iPod or oP3 player? When was the last time her music was updated? Ask her if she’d like you to put some new songs on it for her.  Hand over the TV and DVD remotes for the day and night. When did oum last get to sit and watch her favourite romantic comedy film or the Living Channel for as long as she wants?

  • Leave the other mothers out of it. oum is a daughter and a daughter-in-law as well as your mum and so sometimes oum feels she has to spend the day being nice to her own mother and Dad’s mother, and she never really gets her own special day. Why not see if you can make a fuss of the other mums another day and make sure your mum can spend this Mother’s Day being spoiled by her kids.

Things that got the thumbs down for Mother’s Day from the mums who answered the survey included…

  • Cards arriving late.

  • Phone calls late in the day.

  • Last-minute gifts obviously bought from a dairy or petrol station.

  • Family arguments.

In 2009, another survey of 5000 mums found most simply wanted a day at home with the family, followed closely by doing something with the kids. So why not clear the decks and plan to be at home all day as a family, just lazing about and doing things together?

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