Victoria Beckham: 'Working mums should stop feeling guilty - be proud'

The fashion designer and mum of four has urged women to stop feeling bad about having a career and kids, telling them 'you're inspiring.'

Victoria Beckham
For many working mums, there's a constant worry that leaving the kids behind to pursue a career is in some way letting them down.
On top of this, there's the pressure from other parents and family members, who believe going back to work is in some way selfish.
Former Spice Girl and successful businesswoman Victoria Beckham has jumped to the defence of working mums, telling British Airways: "As a working mother, you should never feel guilty, you should feel proud.
"You're inspiring your children in the right way, being a strong woman going to work."
The 42-year-old has four children by husband David, the oldest of which is Brooklyn, 18.
And since her career took off as a fashion designer in the noughties, Victoria has juggled a high-flying career with parenting four children.
Victoria spoke to British Airways as part of their Make Your 2017 Unforgettable campaign, telling them that her travel experiences have helped shape who she is.
"I was very lucky to travel as a child," Victoria told cameras. "I think if you can travel, you're incredibly fortunate and you should make the most of the different places you can go to."