Twins born to different dads

This bizarre paternity incident only happens in one in 13,000 cases.
Twins born to different dads

A man in the US went to court to contest child support payments for a set of twins – but the results of a court-ordered DNA test revealed some surprising news.

The man, who for legal reasons is named AS, was found to be the father of only one of the two children.

The mother, known as TM, gave birth to the baby girls in January 2013 and when applying for public assistance, she named AS the father but he disputed the claim and said their sexual relationship hadn’t been exclusive.

Social services ordered the DNA test when the mother admitted she’d slept with another man the same week she slept with AS.

The results were delivered in November and shocked both parties, with New Jersey Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammed saying it was possible for an incident like this to happen.

Judge Mohammed ruled last week that AS pay child support payments of $28 (NZ $40) a week to his child of the pair.

DNA expert Dr Karl-Hanz Wurzinger, who testified during the cse, said the incident of twins being born to different fathers occurred in one in every 13,000 twin paternity cases.

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