Turia Pitt shares more adorable motherhood pictures

This little family just seems to get happier and happier.

In January we shared with you Turia Pitt's very first new mum images, and we all collectively oohed and aahed over their cuteness together. From breastfeeding for the first time to their first family selfie, the inspirational Australian burns survivor shared some lovely glimpses into the Hoksin-Pitt family life.
Now there are more images from the motivational speaker and her fiancé Michael Hoskin.
The world has loved to follow the journey of Turia, from her miraculous survival of an Australian bush fire in 2011 to her recovery and then an engagement accouncement from Turia and Michael.
The world couldn't have been happier for the couple when in June last year they announced they were expecting a baby. They welcomed their baby boy Hakavai into the world in December 2017. Hakavai is now four months old, and there are new images for us to pore over.
Here are some of our favourite moments:
Turia has pledged to only feed her little boy's brain with the good/educational stuff - Dr Seuss!
Just because it's nap time, doesn't mean these two aren't up for a happy snap!
Turia and Michael are proud as punch to be the loving parents to Havakai. So much so that even months without sleep can't wipe the smile of Michael's dial.
Turia has always been one to talk about her love of the great outdoors - something she plans on instilling in her adorable son.
Becoming a parent for the first time is no walk in the park, and Turia has always been open about this. When Hakavia was seven weeks old Turia revealed in an Instagram post just how challenging she was finding her transition to motherhood.
"Parenting is hard. I've got a baby that sleeps, a supportive partner, parents and in-laws on speed dial, heaps of mates who've had babies and I'm still finding it really challenging and exhausting," she wrote alongside a picture of herself wearing a cat-ear headband.
The new mum also shared her early breastfeeding struggles, saying: "We're not experts (yet) but we're definitely getting the hang of it." By the looks of this photo, Turia and Hakavia are having a much easier time. Turia sweetly captioned the photo, "My love for you is illimitable."
Is there anything more beautiful than a newborn falling asleep on your chest? Turia captured this beautiful mother-son moment and posted it on her Instagram stories, simply marking her feelings with the word 'grateful'.
"Peace out 2017." Turia marked the end of 2017 with this New Year's Eve snap of herself and Hakavai.
Then there were three! Turia captioned the beautiful family portrait: "Maybe it's just the Christmas spirit, but geez we're getting good at this angelic family photo thing. Merry Christmas y'all!"
"Welcome to the world Hakavai Hoskin." Turia announced the birth of her first child to partner Michael with this lovely shot of herself and the tiny bub.
We're just loving watching this little family learn and grow and have so much fun together.