This ‘Young Mummy’ wants you to name her baby

I'm totally being a lazy cow.

Would you let a stranger name your baby?

Most of us would probably say no, but one blogger wants fans to do just that.

Melbourne mummy blogger Sophie Cachia, better know to her online followers as The Young Mummy, has asked for some serious help picking a name for her second baby.

Mum to Bobby, Sophie is to exhausted to pick a name for baby number two.

“And so the NAME GAME begins!,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside a scan photo of her unborn bub.

“The best part I think about not finding out is coming up with two – or in our case last time, three – possible names for your child. We didn’t know whether we were going to have a Bobby, or a Valentina in our lives forever! (Third name I’m keeping hush because I still like it).

Sophie and her son, Bobby.

“First pregnancy I was OBSESSED with baby names, second time around I’m like ‘meh, that will do’. I’m totally being a lazy cow and would like to be inundated with your many suggestions,” she continued.

“Put below if you think B2 is a boy or a girl, and give me your best name suggestions that go with Bobby. P.S we don’t fancy traditional, this time we’re going all out. To think this might be my last pregnancy – woah!”

So far, she has received more than 1,300 suggestions, ranging from Huxley and Kash for a boy, through to Sarah and Tinsley for a little girl.

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