This is the perfect restaurant menu for fussy kids

Parents everywhere are rejoicing.

Fussy eaters and restaurants often don’t mix, but this menu has at least tried to make it easy for parents to help their children decide what they want.

Posted on Reddit, the photo of the ingenious kid’s menu gives just four options: I don’t know, I don’t care, I’m not hungry and I don’t want that, consisting of either a hot dog, chicken tenders, cheese sandwich or fish fingers.

Photo via Reddit

Whether you think the idea is clever or cheeky, the photo has sparked a bit of a debate about kids in restaurants online.

One person wrote: “My dad always used to insist on sharing a variety of dishes, “lets all get something and share” was his code phrase for I want to try something weird, take one bite, then eat your dinner.”

“Why can’t kids menus consist of smaller portions of adult meals? Who decided that kids only eat chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and hot dogs?” wrote another.

“You don’t want to have to fight with them, or play the “what do you want to eat?” game. Here’s your chicken nuggets and fries, now shut up and eat,” another user commented.

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