This is the perfect present for the kids of the person you hate

How to give the ultimate gift to your arch enemy's kids this Christmas.
Boy opening Christmas gift

Boy opening Christmas gift

What the most passive aggressive present you can get another parent this Christmas?

We’ve got the answer for you, and it is genius.

The Frozen Songbook and Recorder is the perfect way to make those parents you dislike never have a moment of peace ever again.

English satire site The Poke shared an image of the Songbook, accompanied by the caption: “Do you know someone with kids? Do you hate that person?”

And the response from users has been just fantastic, with parents sharing the worst gifts their kids have ever received.

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Julie Robinson wrote: “I think this just replaced glitter and those old ‘plaster of paris mould then paint’ kits as the ultimate revenge presents for people’s kids.”

Another Facebook user, Cath Draper, wrote: “The one saving grace is that it’s got colouring pages, for a minute’s peace amidst the horror…”

And buyers on Amazon weren’t that much kinder, with a user calling himself L Stev giving it five stars, and writing: “I bought this to annoy a friend and boy did it do that! Highly recommended!”

Mr T Aylward said: “Perfect annoying birthday present from an uncle who can leave!”

So if one of your kid gets this at Christmas, you know what those parents really think of you.

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