The two-year-old that’s taking the internet by storm

If there's an opinion to be shared, she's your girl.

Meet Mila Stauffer: the sassy toddler who regularly features on her mum’s Instagram account calling life as she sees it.

Even though some of what she says can be cringe-worthy, the words hit closer to home for adults than she probably ever intended.

(As she puts it, she is only two after all…)

This little girl may struggle enunciating her Rs and has a real beef with her older brother, Charles, but most of her sassy quips speak directly to our tired adult souls – and we’ve got the hilarious videos to prove it.

Just watch – with your sound turned ON.

The time she raided the fridge to make a snack

The time she upgraded to a new moisturiser

The time she got stuck on a plane next to “Chatty Kathy”

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