Recreate a story book adventure on your next family road trip

Ten easy ideas to get you started!

By Now To Love with Subaru
There's nothing like the excitement and joy of discovering a new book with your family that makes your children's imaginations spark into life.
Subaru has teamed up with the Flynn family to show you that your next weekend road trip can be an adventure straight out of their favourite story book!
The Flynn family, Carly Flynn, 41, (well-known Kiwi journalist and television personality), hubby Dave, 42, (cameraman) and their three kids: Tilly, Jude, and Freddie captured the magic of one of the most beloved children's books, Where the Wild Things Are.
Armed with a Subaru fun box of helpful props, containing everything a family might need to help the kids get into character, they headed into the New Zealand wilderness on the lookout for any signs of a wild rumpus.
Your family can set out on a similar adventure with any children's book – maybe you're lost in the Forbidden Forest, looking out for unicorns, on the hunt for dinosaur footsteps, or dragon nests!

Ten easy ideas to get you started

Relive the magic of storytelling by taking your family on a road trip to remember, thanks to the power of imagination. Here are 10 easy ideas to get you started…
1\ Next chapter
Using classic opening sentences like 'Once upon a time,' one member of the family starts telling a story and then each member of the family keeps it going. So many plot twists!
2\ Can you dig it?
Do a DIY archaeological dig at your nearest park or beach and see what you can find in amongst the rubble of nature. You just never know what you'll find!
3\ Stage presence
An interpretive dance, an impromptu speech, a funny play: kids love to perform, so take them to a location and get them to include it in the performance.
4\ Going on a bear hunt
Is that an everyday park – or is it an enchanted forest filled with fairy houses? Is that a dinosaur footprint hiding under some leaves? Go looking for hidden worlds in nature.
5\ Get creative
Capture the great outdoors in one of the best ways possible: the whole family can sketch or paint one of most beautiful scenes, or their favourite detail, from the day's adventures.
6\ Story time
Get your kids to write a short story, a poem or a comic about the park you've driven to – it can be fact or fiction, but it's a great way to get their creativity going.
7\ Sequel time
Ask your kids for their favourite movie, and then ask them what they think the sequel should be. Is there a character they want to see more of? Ask them for scene or costume ideas.
8\ Puppet stage
Have an explore around and find items to turn into a puppet show. Feathers, branches, flowers – anything can become a character of its own.
9\ Guess who?
A fun car trip is to get people to describe a movie story line without mentioning names or titles and see who can guess it first. E.g. A fish goes missing and his dad goes looking.
10\ The big 10
Find 10 items in the park and create a story that involves all of them. They can be any items – the main focus here is the imagination required to link them all!
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