Proud dad Sonny Bill Williams shares the most adorable photo of baby son Zaid

That precious moment when you introduce your new baby to your other children.

All Black Sonny Bill Williams has shared an adorable photo of his new baby son Zaid meeting his sisters for the first time.
Sonny posted the image to Instagram with the caption "Imaan and Aisha meeting Zaid for the first time #MyBabies."
The heartwarming moment was captured in hospital as Sonny cradles all three of his children. Firstborn Imaan, 3, looks on as Aisha, 1, kisses her new baby brother.

Sonny shocked his fans last week when he announced the birth of his son. He and wife Alana had managed to keep the pregnancy a secret from the general public.
He made the announcement on Instagram with a photo showing him holding his new baby son's hand. The caption read "Zaid Williams. Asalamualakium son - mummy, daddy and your sisters love you so much."
Sonny is a devout Muslim and assalamualaikum is an Arabic greeting which translates as 'peace be unto you.'

Despite Sonny, 32, being prolific on social media, he is very careful about what information he shares with his fans. He and his wife Alana, 24, have managed to keep much of their private lives secret.
News of their relationship broke in November 2013 after he posted an image of the pair to his Instagram account. In fact, by that point they were already married, reportedly tying the knot in August 2013 in a secret ceremony just six months after they began dating.
The devoted dad and shares many of his precious family moments with his fans. He has been open about his desire to have a large family, telling the Daily Telegraph in 2016 "I just want to be a good father. I want as many kids as we can have."
Here are some of our most favourite family moments of his.

Never stop sharing, Sonny!