Shiloh moves in with dad Brad Pitt - leaving Angelina Jolie in tears

After having very limited access to his kids for two years, Brad Pitt is over the moon.

After two long years living apart from his children, Brad Pitt is said to be over the moon after daughter Shiloh has moved out of Angelina Jolie's home and into his place instead.
Woman's Day Australia has learned the 12-year-old told her mother she wants to live with her 55-year-old dad in his Los Angeles mansion.
The move is said to have shaken the mum-of-six.
Angelina and Brad with their brood of six in happier times.
Brad with Shiloh, Pax and Maddox at the premiere of Unbroken in December 2014. He and Angelina filed for divorce in September 2016.
Speaking to Woman's Day, a source close to the family revealed: "Ange was in a state and was sobbing as she begged Shiloh not to leave, but ultimately she didn't stop her.
"Shiloh's staying at Brad's now, and while Ange is desperately trying to make amends, she's refusing to move back with the rest of her siblings until her mum holds out an olive branch to Brad and starts making a bigger effort to include him in their lives," our source adds.
Shiloh hasn't been spotted out with Ange for a number of weeks.
Meanwhile, the Tomb Raider star has been seen on several shopping trips with her five other children.
Brad couldn't be more thrilled with the new living arrangement.
"Brad's loving having Shiloh back – even if it isn't a permanent arrangement," says our source.
"He's missed all of his kids so much."
Angelina with the couple's six children.
In December, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally came to a custody agreement for their six children.
During the custody battle, which became bitter after Ange alleged Brad had physically abused the couple's son Maddox, Brad was only permitted limited supervised visitations with his adopted children, Maddox, 17, Pax, 15, and Zahara, 13, and biological children Shiloh, 12, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 10. The limited visitation rights continued even after Brad was cleared of the child abuse allegations.
Under the new agreement, his visits no longer require supervision, and he is finally allowed to 'regularly have his children overnight at his house for the first time since the divorce proceedings began.'
During the bitter battle Ange accused Brad of not paying meaningful child support; Brad claimed Ange was only trying to manipulate media coverage.
Brad even gave up drinking in a bid to prove he's a good father, and sources close to the actor said he thought it was "disgusting" that Angelina has gone public with the private details of the couple's negotiations, adding his concerns that some of their children are old enough to read what is being written about them on social media.