See ya, senorita

Dear Wendyl,oy daughter left on her oE in March this year and she was supposed to be back by Christmas but didn’t come home. I tried to be understanding about it, but I missed her terribly and so did the rest of the family. Now I’m beginning to think she might never come back. How can I get her to see that she has a great life and family back here, not in Europe where she is currently working as a barmaid in Barcelona. Help!Angela, email


Dear Angela,Come on, put yourself in her shoes and imagine for one moment that you are young, living in Barcelona and working as a barmaid. Do you really think that life here is going to be nearly as exciting? Your position is familiar to many parents in this country, but most of us are happy that our kids are out exploring the world and getting fantastic opportunities and new challenges along the way.

I think you have a case of empty nest syndrome and that means you need to get yourself a life of your own so that you can let your daughter have hers without any guilt and tantrums from her dear old mum. From now on, every time you think of your daughter and start missing her, I want you to stop that thought and do something. Perhaps you could get more involved in work or sign up to do volunteer work. Your daughter will come home when she’s ready – and when she does, you’ll be proud of yourself for encouraging her to make the most of her adventures.Wendyl

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