Emily Blunt and Scarlett Johansson on being first-time mums

The actresses talk the 'unexpected' and 'magical' experience of being mothers

For Emily, who welcomed her daughter Hazel with John Krasinski back in February, motherhood was a whole new challenge.
"You don't know what to expect because it's just completely, existentially out of anything that you've ever experienced before, and it's quite indescribable," she told People.
That doesn't mean she's not enjoying it though!
"It's heaven," she gushed at the premiere of her new film Into The Woods.
Another actress who welcomed her own bundle of joy this year was Scarlett Johansson, who gave birth to her first child Rose Dorothy in September.
"It's wonderful. It's very, very magical - and exhausting," she said in a sneak peek from Barbara Walters' upcoming 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014 special.
"The love is just unbelievable. It’s very overwhelming."

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