How Celebrity Treasure Island's Sam Wallace came to the rescue of Toni Street's daughter

He's all testosterone on Celebrity Treasure Island, but just a big softie underneath it all.

TV weatherman Sam Wallace has received a bit of a bad rap lately for some of his antics on Celebrity Treasure Island.
While there's no question he's there to win for all the right reasons, raising money for the Starship Foundation, where his nephew underwent two heart surgeries which saved his life, let's just say he's very competitive.
But a revelation from Sam's The Hits co-host Toni Street on social media shows that underneath all that testosterone there's a great big, warm, fuzzy heart.
Toni's six-year-old daughter, Juliette, has her school book parade today and she's going dressed as the Little Blue Duck from the book, The Little Blue Duck.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the tale, it's a fun retelling of The Little Red Hen with a Kiwi flavour - in this version Little Blue Duck makes a pavlova.
Toni shared that she had searched everywhere for a duck beak to complete Juliette's costume but had had no luck. In the end it was Sam who came to the rescue, fashioning a duck beak out of a coffee cup for her daughter.
Toni posted on Instagram, "When @breakfastsam is your hero on book parade day! We searched EVERYWHERE for a duck beak and Sammy made this out of a coffee cup!"

Toni's plight clearly struck a chord with Sam, who admits he's "obsessed" with his new son, Brando.
Sam became a first-time dad three days after Christmas this year. Absolutely besotted, in March he told Woman's Day, "We'd agreed on two kids, but Brando's so awesome I've decided to push that out to four or five!".
He told the publication he had to give himself "a bit of a talking to" every morning on the way to work at The Hits "about not being boring about parenting on air. Brando is literally the only thing I want to talk about."
Sam and partner Sarah Bowman's little boy is the best present they could have wished for. His safe arrival was especially poignant given they sadly lost a baby a year earlier, when Sarah was 17 weeks pregnant.

This year Sam celebrated his first Father's Day as a new dad and took to Instagram to thank Sarah for making it such a special day.
"It was the perfect first Father's Day. Thanks @sarahbowmanj for perfection xxx," he wrote.