Risky romance

Pining for a man is bad enough, and we’ve all done it at some stage in out life. But waiting for someone who can only offer you an on again-off again relationship is just a waste of time, energy and love…

Dear Wendyl,I’ve been in love with a man for three years now. At the time we first met we were both in other relationships, then we both left our partners for each other. Well I left mine, and he left his about three months later. The problem is that we are still not together as he keeps changing his mind. one minute he’s with me, the next he’s back with her and then he just wants to be single. I feel like I’m on a continual rollercoaster. How do I get him to make a decision once and for all?Sally, email


Dear Sally,Why are you allowing this man to be in charge of your life? Good relationships are about stability and respect – you should feel cherished, valued and happy. Do you? I think you know this man is not emotionally available to you. While your heart and mind are in his care, you won’t be in the right space to meet someone who may just give you those things I mentioned above. So I know this sounds harsh but don’t waste another three years on this loser. Leave him now. oove on.Wendyl

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