TVNZ's Renee Wright on the realities of being a working mum

The popular TVNZ weather presenter reveals why, as a mum to three kids under five, shes cherishes going to work each day.

No matter how much help you have, how great your job is or how much you love being one, motherhood is no easy feat.

For TVNZ weather presenter Renee Wright, having three kids aged five and under means she’s sometimes left staring blankly at a wall, wondering what to do next as chaos reigns around her.

But, as she tells this week’s issue of New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, while she’s pretty terrible at making time for herself, it’s her job that’s proven to be her salvation.

Posing for the Weekly with her adorable youngest daughter Arabella (1), Renee says heading into the office is ‘her time’.

“I don’t get a lot of time for me but, and I know it sounds weird, working is my time away,” she tells.

“That’s my time where I get to go in and interact with other adults and have hair and makeup done, which is such an amazing treat. It’s my quiet time. I feel really lucky and spoilt to be able to do that.”

As well as her shifts at TVNZ, Renee, who is also mum to Leo (5) and Gigi (3) also attends a mummy boot camp twice a week, and sometimes joins Toni Street for a gym session.

“It’s great, they look after the kids for you, so it’s a chance to talk to other mums who are going through the same thing,” she explains.

“The physical benefits are great, but it’s the mental side of it that’s really awesome. I see that their lives are working well, and they’re surviving three kids! It puts everything in perspective.”

For more from Renee, see this week’s issue of New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

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