You won't believe how much money Pink's daughter got from the tooth fairy!

Wonder if she'll spend it all at once!

It's always tricky when the tooth fairy leaves more money for your kids' friends than she does for your kids. How do you explain that? Maybe she was in the red the week she visited your house? Maybe she accidentally gave your child's friend more than she had meant to?
And then your child wants to know if they'll get the same amount as their friend for their next tooth. They ask if the tooth fairy likes their friend better than she likes them...
The stories we have to think up to explain the discrepancies! It would be so much easier if she simply left the same amount at everyone's house.
But if you're already finding yourself desperately trying to change the subject when this comes up at your house, you definitely don't want your child to find out about Pink's kids.
In an Instagram post Pink's partner Carey Hart revealed that daughter Willow got a whopping US$100 - yes, that's right, US$100 - when they pulled out her tooth (and presumably the tooth fairy dropped by).
"Willz is gonna be the next major investment banker. We settled on 100 buck for 1 shot at pulling her tooth out. Was the best money I ever spent, and she got 20 weeks worth of tour per diem in 5 seconds. #LoveThisKid"" he wrote.

Kids lose all of their 20 baby teeth by the age of 12 or 13, so at $100 a pop that's $2000 Willow stands to gain. The couple's son Jameson Moon, who is around 18 months, no doubt has a cashed-up childhood to look forward to too!
Some of Hart's followers have pointed out that he might have been better keeping the amount to himself:
"It's cute but what about the parents that can't afford a 100 bucks for the tooth fairy," commented one. "Thank God my daughters are over the age of 30 but I have grandchildren maybe five 10 even twenty bucks but $100 a lot of kids are going to be looking forward to their parents or the tooth fairy putting a hundred bucks for a damn tooth."
Another said,"Wow i thought 20$ was alot for my kid lol."
And if you agree that $100 for a tooth sounds outrageous, you might also be surprised to know that the amount Willow got was not that much higher than what some other kids get when their teeth come out. A survey completed in 2017 found that parents are now giving their kids up to $40 per tooth.
The survey, conducted by Jack N'Jill kids, discovered that despite parents having only received an average of 91 cents per tooth when they were young, some were happy to shell out massively for their little ones.
One mum defended the inflationary payouts by saying, "Live and let live. It's none of anyone else's business really."
However, the good news is that the vast majority of those surveyed were more conservative. The average tooth fairy payout across the board was $2.82.
Now that sounds more like it!