People are sharing their last memories of loved ones here

Because grieving happens in the most unexpected of ways.


A webpage called Last Images is quickly becoming the favourite place for people to share their final memories of others.

Last Images is a place for people to go and share their final memories of special people with 50,000 other subscribers. The idea is to share the last image they have of that person along with a blurb about their relationship.

The idea is that they can then find a support network of likeminded people who may have been through a similar loss.

One girl shared a shot of her and her best friend on their prom night in 2013, the last shot of them together before her friend was killed in a car wreck.

Prom Night 2013

“We took many many pictures that night, but I never would have thought it would have been the last. She lost control of her car the day before Christmas Eve on a gravel road and it ended up getting ejected from the car. Today would have been her 21st birthday,” she wrote.

Another shared the tragic story of two British sisters, Tara and Pippa, who took a sunkissed shot of themselves on a Moroccan beach, just a day before they were both killed in a car accident.

British sisters Tara and Pippa died on their way home from Morrocco

A grieving girlfriend also shared her shot of her and her 27-year-old boyfriend, who died in a motorbike accident.

Speaking to Vocativ, Rachel said she posted on the site because she sought support from people she could talk to anonymously.

“I just felt like I wanted him to know I was still thinking about him in a different way than just with my family and friends. For someone to take the time to write a comment of support to me, considering I’m a complete stranger, is incredibly comforting.”

Rachel’s partner died in a motorbike accident at just 27

Other chilling posts recorded moments that have since gone down in history.

An image of the excited crowd at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris last November was shared to the site, moments before three heavily armed extremists opened fire on the crowd, killing 89 people and injuring 368.

An image of Rachel Scott, two days before she was killed in the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, was also shared by a friend.

The Bataclan concert hall on Friday 13th November, 2015

Carla Sofka, a professor who specialises in grief, told Vocativ that the site is perfect for when you feel no one knows what you are going through.

“The average person you run into in your life doesn’t know what to say. They’re taught the canned ‘I’m sorry for your loss. You have my condolences’,” she says.

“But this site, you go there and you’re going to find people who are going to relate, people who truly care and want to take the time to support you. It’s an amazing and rare opportunity that you’re not likely to get in real life.”

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