Parents who get their kids' drawings as tattoos

Don’t overlook your kids’ drawings as tattoo inspiration.

The latest craze to hit the tattoo scene, at least among parents, is to use their kids’ drawings for their newest ink inspiration.
It can be tough to come up with an original idea when it comes to having your child immortalised, so it's not surprising looking to kids' hand-drawn designs for an original take is proving to be a popular choice.
And while having your child’s first creations rendered as permanent reminders might seem a tad cloying, as it turns out, these mash-ups are really rather sweet.

The craze appears to be an international one too, with parents the world over all signing up for the incredible etchings.
Stick figures, handwritten notes, and doodles all make for great design inspiration. And the end result? A drawing that’s much more colourful and (probably) interesting than your standard tattoo design.
Photos of the tattoos have been posted to Instagram side-by-side with the original drawings, accompanied by the cutest captions.

The trend isn’t limited to parents either. Other doting family members, such as aunts and uncles, are getting in on the act and having their nieces’ and nephews’ doodles and designs added as permanent reminders of their family's bond.