My perfect nursery nearly killed my baby

Alison Johnson thought her nursery was perfect – until it nearly killed her 18-month-old son.

When Alison found out she was expecting twins, she set up their room accordingly, complete with two cots sitting side-by-side.

She thought the babies, Libby and Caleb, would enjoy this closeness, but it ended up almost killing one of them.

Writing on Facebook, Alison recalls the terrifying moment she went to investigate strange noises coming from the twins’ room after she had put Caleb down for a nap.

“He had climbed out of his crib and was stuck between his crib and Libby’s crib,” she wrote. “His body fit through, but his head wouldn’t. He was using every ounce of energy he had to hold himself up by his little arms.

“If they had given out, he would’ve just been hanging there by his head.”

The placement of Alison’s cots/FACEBOOK

Alison rescued Caleb just in time and is now keen to warn other parents of the dangers of placing baby furniture too close together, something many parents, just like her, think nothing of.

“I have a lot of friends that have twins or kids close in age that may have a similar set up,” she said.

Her post has since gone viral, winning Alison international praise.

“I’ve received hundreds of messages from twin moms thanking me because they had their nursery set up just like this and have changed it now,” she said.

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