Mum shares hilarious reality of household chores

"Close bedroom doors so you forget how messy your kids rooms are" - yup, this mum's tips on chores are brilliant.
mum's hilarious household chores

mum's hilarious household chores

If you’re anything like us, you love looking at photos of perfect, organised homes.

There’s something satisfying in seeing the way someone else has designed their interior, from where the couch is positioned to the soft furnishings in their bedroom.

But for parents, the idea of having a showroom-tidy home is a complete fantasy, thanks to those wonderful little humans called kids.

One mum and blogger has nailed this sentiment with her ‘Real Mom’s Guide to a Clean House,’ a hilarious testament to the reality of cleaning when you have kids.

Parodying the ‘easy to follow’ household chore charts often shared online, Meredith Ethington’s guide is a down-to-earth, realistic take on what you have to get done.

From daily tips like “close bedroom doors to your kids rooms so you forget how messy they are,” to monthly ones like “consider burning house down because you’re too far behind,” this chart has it all.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Meredith said: “I kept seeing these Pinterest guides to keeping a clean house by doing X, Y, and Z every week to make it look spotless, and, I thought, well, I can’t even stay on top of the laundry every week, much less vacuum my couch.”

Meredith added that she has had a great response to publishing her plan, with many other mums crediting her for being “realistic” with her expectations.

The mum of three said she hopes this is a comfort to other parents who feel like they’re falling behind and never achieving that tidy home we see on the internet.

“So often we see the pretty side of people’s lives on social media, and often, that pretty side sets us up for feeling like we are failing because we are trying to live up to unrealistic expectations.”

For more, check out Meredith’s Facebook page Perfection Pending which includes such gems as “You’re a good mom. Kids are just insane.”

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