Mum’s epic rant about her ‘hormonal monster’ daughter goes viral

Sandra posted a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ advertisement for her 15-year-old, asking for a good home for her.
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A Perth mother known only as Sandra went on a rant of epic proportions about her “hormonal” teenage daughter.

She structured the tirade as an advertisement for her 15-year-old, willing someone to give her a loving home.

“It is litter trained (mostly), comes with all its belongings, (it may take a few days for you to find them spread throughout the house), has a part-time job, (which it insisted on getting, yet carries on like a trapped ferret every time it has to go), is quite intelligent and does excel at school, (when the mood takes it to try).

“…Is definitely not house trained, (unless you count having a massive bitch fit when asked to bring 34 cups and 256 half full water bottles out of its room), is quite fond of slamming doors to the point that 3 doors have thus far been removed by 1 very fed up mother.

“Good luck with feeding it, because one day it is vegetarian, the next all it wants is chicken nuggets.”

Here’s the epic rant in all its glory:

Source: The West Australian/Facebook.

She also calls out her son who owes her $680 in the witty post.

It clearly resonated with other mums as Sandra got over 1.6k ‘likes’ on the post.

Speaking to The West Australian, Sandra (who’s not revealed her full identity – probably to avoid the wrath of the ‘monster’), says she was blown away by the response.

“First let me say that I really do love my daughter,” she said.

“But in the couple of days before I wrote it I’d talked to that many parents — mothers and fathers — and what we’d all decided was that living with teenage girls is hell.

“I wrote it just thinking if I let one other parent know they weren’t alone and that if one person got a smile out of it, then that would be something.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think that many people would ever see it.”

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