Mum takes ultimate revenge on childless guy who takes last parent parking spot

This mother did what others fantasise about doing.

Going anywhere with under-fives is hard - we mean, really hard.
So when you have to go to the mall because you NEED something like food or washing powder or a new phone charger, it's a big deal...
There's the packing of literally everything except the kitchen sink, the wrangling of your kids into their pants, shoes and car seats, the positivity you have to feign to deflect their complaining (because they never want to come unless it's to the park) - and all this in the knowledge that the minute you get there they'll want to go home / disappear behind a wrack of clothes in a shop and you won't be able to find them for ages (two minutes feels like ages) /poo their pants / spill a drink down their entire front and probably yours too / break something in a shop that you have to pay for...
Which brings us to our point... that finding a great parents-only car park right outside the entrance to the mall is every parents' saving grace.
So when this UK mum saw a man without children whip into the last parent park right next to her - and then tell her to f#@& off when she politely pointed out that these parks were reserved for parents with little ones - revenge was foremost on her mind.
And we have to say (although we can't be seen to condone this) she got him good.
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Make Mine A Double posted her story on Facebook, saying:
"So today's visit to a Tesco store... When I got back to my car an oversized, too old to be a boy racer, pulled into the PARENT AND BABY space next to me as if it was a F1 Pitt stop. The break neck speed made me sh** my pants a little. I thought maybe they were giving everything away for free in Tesco to warrant the urgency.
"I politely gave my sweetest smile and said, 'I'm sorry you may not have noticed but these are parent and baby spaces.
'So just it's really tricky to get a space, sort a baby out, let alone two and get a DOUBLE trolley, especially when it's about to rain.'
I pointed at the sky
'not my problem love' retorted the bearded Hobbit
'Maybe you could move to another space as there's no more parent spaces left?'
'There will be when you leave, now F%@# off you fat b&#ch'
She continues:
"Ohhh how the conversation had turned. I had gone from polite to the burning fires of Hades in 5 words. I've not slept for 3 weeks. (I'm entering the irrational stage where I start writing here again to cope with life) what I really wanted to say to him was that I've been on a sodding diet for the last 10 days and nearly lost half a stone. Don't you DARE call me a fat b@^#h! I'm a bloody starving, knackered mother of exhausting twins and you've just pushed me over the limit of was what my last iota of politeness. I would punch you in your fat spotty throat but I've been eating sodding mixed leaves all week so I haven't the energy! Just move your t@#tmobile and be a slightly better human just for a hour today"
The exchange continued until the said man walked away waving his middle finger at said mum. She continued in her post:
"Now normally I wouldn't have lowered to this sort of public outburst but there are very special days when I'm extremely tired and hungry.
"As I turned to the boys in the car there was an overwhelming smell. My heart sank. Then I decided to get even. I used my bad nappy for good. A little justice for all knackered parents who have been f*d over with similar tty McT**t faces' abusing these parking spaces and have had similar experiences.
"Yes that's right.... I did it!! I stuck my dirty nappy to his windscreen, securing it with his windscreen wiper."
Like we said - we don't condone, but we did think this story might give a few parents a quiet sense of satisfaction.