Mum livid after sons told off for climbing trees: ‘Let my kids be kids’

A mother of two boys has hit back after her kids were told off for climbing trees.
Boys climbing trees

Boys climbing trees

Julie Holcombe has two sons in the sixth grade, Ryan and Patrick. As is quite usual for them, the Pennsylvania boys were climbing a tree in school grounds one afternoon when they were approached by a man.

The man asked the children to come down from the tree, warning them that security had been called and would apprehend them if they didn’t comply.

He told them: “I don’t want you kids climbing, because if you fall and get hurt, the school would be responsible and could get sued.”

But when Julie heard about the altercation, she was furious, and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Penning a ‘permission slip’ for her boys to carry, Julie spelled out that she wanted her children to be able to play freely.

Julie’s note was posted to Facebook last week

“My children have permission to climb any tree they so desire,” Julie’s letter reads.

“In fact, I encourage it, whenever and wherever they can, for as long as they both shall live.”

The letter was shared on Julie’s Facebook page – quickly going viral and drawing plenty of praise from parents.

“I can think of few things better than knowing [my children] are spending their time playing outside in the fresh air, taking advantage of the beautiful playground that nature can provide, getting exercise, using their imagination, chatting with their squad of friends, all while climbing a tree.”

“I respectfully ask that you let my kids be kids. The time they have left to do so is fading painfully fast.”

See the full Facebook post here.

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