Mum creates breastfeeding Barbie to reduce stigma

A Barbie with a difference.

A mother from Brisbane has created a Barbie with a difference – in an attempt to reduce the stigma surrounding breastfeeding.
Betty Strachan, from Brisbane, says that growing up, she found it very strange there wasn’t more diversity when it came to dolls.
“Not every child is born with blonde hair and blue eyes,” she says.
“Some have freckles, some have gaps in their teeth.”
The 28-year-old mum of two decided that something needed to be done, so she began creating custom dolls after having kids of her own.

Worried about the effect the dolls could have on her own children, she wanted their to be more options on the market.
And her latest doll tackles a controversial issue for many mothers worldwide: breastfeeding.
Named “Mamas Worldwide Barbie,” the doll cradles a baby to her breast to emulate feeding.
The doll has been well-received, and even sold out on Betty’s Etsy shop, where she sells her creations.
As well as the breastfeeding model, Betty has also created a pregnant Barbie too – to help educate kids on women’s changing bodies.
“Educating children is the way to erase the stigma behind it,” she says.