Mum cleared of killing daughter breaks silence

America's most hated mum speaks out for the first time.

Casey Anthony Trial
A US mum who was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter has broken her silence on the ordeal, six years later.
Telling the Associated Press that she feels "OK," Casey revealed: "I sleep pretty good at night."
The 30-year-old, from Orlando, Florida, was convicted of lying to the police but acquitted of murder.
And now, Casey has complained about her portrayal in the press as a 'child killer,' long before the verdict was handed down.
"People found me guilty long before I had my day in court," she said.
The 2011 case drew millions of viewers from across America, with it covered live on television.
Most of the hate towards Casey was centered around the fact she was reported clubbing and getting a tattoo in the month her daughter was missing.
And while the mum maintains her innocence, last week the judge that presided over the case spoke out to say that Anthony "more than likely" accidentally killed her daughter, by using too much chloroform when trying to calm her down.
The prosecution failed to secure a murder conviction due to a lack of physical evidence pinning Caylee's death on her mother.
Anthony would have been eligible for the death sentence had she been found guilty of murder.