Mother shaves daughter’s head as punishment for mocking cancer patient

The punishment has caused outrage online.

A mother’s controversial punishment has gone viral this week, after she was filmed shaving her daughter’s long locks from her head.

According to reports, the daughter in the video bullied another girl at her school – who had lost her hair through cancer treatment.

But when her mum found out about her offspring’s behaviour, she made it her mission to give the girl a taste of her own medicine.

The girl’s long black hair can be seen falling to the floor as her mother roughly shaves her scalp in the clip.

However, other YouTube users have cast doubt over this being the real reason for the punishment – with many saying this clip was uploaded months ago, as punishment for the girl sending naked images online.

But whatever the reason for the punishment, many have found the footage disturbing, saying it was not an appropriate telling off for either offence.

“Have her volunteer at a hospital or take her to a hospice where people are dying with terminal cancer.

“That would have sunk in so much more than shaving her head, hair can grow back.”

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