Mother allows teen daughter to get lip fillers

Would you let your daughter inject her lips?

A mother has defended her decision to allow her teenage daughter to undergo a cosmetic procedure because she was suffering from low self-esteem.

Lisa Wilson, from Melbourne, gave her permission for her daughter Summer to get fillers in her top and bottom lips when she was just 17. The two appeared on Australian television show SBS Insight together, where Summer said she wanted the fillers, after suffering from low self-confidence.

“It was about halfway through year nine, I saw others with prettier lips, and I was just looking at myself in the mirror and was like: ‘where’s mine?’”

Lisa explained that she initially tried to persuade her daughter that she was already beautiful, but when she realised how much Summer was struggling, she began to warm to the idea.

“First of all my reaction was: ‘You’re beautiful the way you are, you don’t have an issue, you’re awesome’, all that sort of stuff, generally what mums say. The feeling kept arising. We’d chat about it, you know we’re pretty open, we’ve got a good line of communication and it was sort of bothering her more and more.”

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And despite agreeing to allow Summer to go ahead with the procedure, Lisa admitted they had some difficulty trying to find a clinic that would treat a patient under the age of 18. Eventually, Summer managed to have the treatment, and now says that her new look has made her popular among her peers.

“All the girls I’m involved with at school and outside of school, they’re actually quite jealous, I guess I could say.

“It’s kind of what the trend is I see around these days, everyone wanting to get lip injection, you know, after seeing Kylie Jenner gets them”.

Kylie Jenner made headlines when she famously plumped her pout last year and initially denied it, before admitting in May 2015 that she had had ‘temporary lip fillers’. The social media sensation is inspiring millions of teenagers with her style.

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