Mum’s warning about multi-tasking with kids in the kitchen

We never think it could happen to us and I never thought it would happen to me.

One mum has warned of the dangers of multi-tasking with a bub in the kitchen after an accident left her badly burned on her chest and face.

Molly Landis took to Facebook to share pictures about the incident which she hoped would save other mothers and their bubs from similar harm.

“I don’t normally post this kind of stuff or personal information but after sharing this story with close friends I am urged to share this story,” Molly wrote.

“On Tuesday I was involved in an accident where my stove burner exploded and sent a fire ball to my face, neck and chest.

“This caused open wounds and burns to my face and chest. Yes, this is horrible and painful but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how lucky I truly am.”

Molly also recounted how her daughter was for once not in her carrier when the accident took place so she wasn’t hurt.

“On this particular night a guardian angel was watching over me and my baby [because] for the first time in her life she fell asleep in her swing and I wasn’t wearing her while I was in the kitchen,” she explains.

“The worst of my burns is to my chest – exactly where her precious little head would have been laying if she were in her carrier.

“The point of my message is to pleaseeeee be cautious of the activities we do while wearing our babies.”

Molly said that her fear is that many women are like her and use a carrier to multitask while cooking, a mistake she will never make again.

“We never think it could happen to us and I never thought it would happen to me. So grateful she wasn’t near the explosion,” she says.

Since sharing her story Molly’s pot has been shared over 20,000 times and with many grateful mother’s commenting on how they’d never considered the danger.

One woman, who appeared to be the parent of a newborn, wrote: “I hope you mend quickly and with as little pain as possible! Thank you for sharing. I do this with my babe. I won’t be anymore.”

Another added: “Hoping you heal quickly… This is a super important thing for baby-wearing mums to keep in mind.”

Blown away by her post’s reach Molly later updated to thank everyone for their well wishes but, because this is the internet, she also addressed those hideous know-it-all trolls who blasted her for wearing her baby while in the kitchen.

“To those who have offered well wishes, prayer and overall positive vibes – THANK YOU!” she wrote.

“And to those who have chosen a far lower road describing me with almost unspeakable terms… all I have to say is stick[s] and stones.”

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