Little girl’s defence of her autistic brother will melt your heart

What a wonderful little human.

A devoted sister has melted the icy cold heart of the internet after penning a letter in defence of her autistic brother.
Six-year-old Lex was left hurt when a girl in her class told her that her brother was “weird.”
In response, the girl wrote a letter to her classmate, and the results are wonderful.
Her mum uploaded the note to Facebook, which reads:
*“On Monday I felt very sad because a girl in my class said that my brother was weird.
My brother has autism and is not weird.
I would like it if we could learn about disabilities in schools so that everybody understands that some people are different, but we should all be treated the same.”*
Lex’s mother, Sophie Camilleri, captioned the shot with a note that she was “so very proud that Lex has this view and wants to change the way other children view others with disabilities.”
“She is only 6-years-old and is already part of the school council, wanting to make this change.
"Can I ask a Favour of my Facebook friends to share this Post to help Lex raise Disability Awareness in schools.”
The post has since been shared thousands of times.