Libby Matthews’ pregnancy page: The final weeks of being pregnant

In her exclusive pregnancy column, Libby Matthews shares how she's preparing for the imminent birth of her first child.

Libby Matthews is a first-time mum-to-be, who along with sister Julia, has inspired Kiwis with the popular lifestyle blog, Julia & Libby. Over the next few months, Libby will share the highs and lows of her pregnancy with us here at the Weekly.
After nine months of changes, anticipation and a roller coaster of emotions, the finish line is finally in sight. There’s three weeks till my due date and I cannot wait.
Physically, I want the pregnancy to be over as I’m so uncomfortable, but emotionally, I’m good with being pregnant awhile longer.
Being in the third trimester means each day there is a new ache or pain and something previously unknown to learn about the female body. The way our bodies just know how to grow a baby continues to blow my mind.
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It feels like yesterday I announced my pregnancy, and in so many ways these past nine months have just flown by. But at the same time, there have been moments where I’ve felt like I’ve been pregnant forever. Now that I’m in the final weeks, I can’t believe I’m almost at the end of this part of the journey.
I find it hard to answer when people ask how I am, because I’m happy and excited. But I’m also very uncomfortable and exhausted. Such is motherhood though, right?
Over the last week I feel like I’ve gone into full nesting mode, trying to get everything organized, completing all the final touches on the nursery, washing all the baby clothes, installing the car seat and stocking up on nappies.
How was I not aware that newborn babies can go through 13 nappies in a day? Eek!
Everyone keeps reminding me to squeeze in as many date nights as I can, as this is pretty much impossible when the baby comes. I really took this to heart and my partner and I went off on a safari last week. This was probably something we won’t be able to do again while living here and it was a real treat to see some of the wonderful wildlife this country has to offer.

Now that I’m 37 weeks and considered ‘full term’, I’m eligible to have the baby at a private birthing clinic that I really want to give birth at. They only take patients at 37 weeks and over, and those who have had low risk pregnancies. The clinic that I am booked into only does natural births, unless it’s an emergency.
This is pretty rare in South Africa as they have the second highest elective C-section rate in the world when birthing privately, after Brazil. I have nothing against C-section births - I’ve had many friends have them and prefer them to a vaginal birth - however I want to try and give birth naturally.
Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly, but you never know.
Yesterday, I finally packed my hospital bag, filled with:
• Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, hair ties, body wash, deodorant, make up, shampoo, moisturizer).
• Robe, comfortable clothing, socks, bikini, wheat pack.
• i-pad, camera, speaker to play music, and I will pack my laptop with a playlist.
• Nursing bra, nursing pads, disposable underwear which resemble an adult diaper.
• Baby clothes, breast pump, swaddles, car seat, nappies, wipes, baby skin care.
• Snacks!!
• Paperwork.
Is there anything else I may have missed?
L x