Kiwi celebrities take to social media to thank the 'wonderful' dads in their lives

There was a lot of love on Instagram over the weekend!

As the sun came out for Father's Day on Sunday, many took to social media to post a shout-out to their dad. Kiw celebrities were no exception.
From Hilary Barry to Nadia Lim, Gemma McCaw, Zoe Marshall, Sharyn Casey, Dame Valerie Adams and Laura McGoldrick here's a round-up of their messages of love to the special men in their lives - as well as Celebrity Treasure Island's Sam Wallace's very sweet note to his partner Sarah for his "perfect" first Father's Day.

"Dads. They're bloody wonderful," Hilary Barry said simply. And we concur.
(We were also struck by how little Hilary has changed since her childhood days - that face, exactly the same!)

Last week influencer Gemma McCaw revealed to Woman's Day that on her wedding day her father pulled out a letter that she'd written to him as a child. He had kept it 20 years and read it out to her and husband Richie McCaw's wedding guests on their big day.
"I was so touched that Dad had tucked it away for over 20 years and that he'd obviously felt it was a special memento to treasure," she shared.
"And now as I see my husband Richie with our little girl, I witness the love and pride beaming from his face every day. She really is the apple of his eye.
On Sunday Gemma again expressed her love and gratitude for the two special men in her life, posting on Instagram an image of the pair at the beach with her and Richie's little girl, Lottie, and writing: "Happy Father's Day to these two very special men, my Dad and my darling husband," wrote former Black Stick Gemma Flynn to both her father and her husband, Ritchie McCaw. "Thank you for everything you do for us, little Lottie and I love you beyond words ❤️"

Celebrity chef Nadia Lim is spending time with her family in Italy at the moment, but took a moment to write a touching post remembering her late father, who passed away before Nadia and husband Carlos started their family.
Nadia wrote, "Gosh I miss him, so gutted he just missed out on meeting Bodhi and River as he would have been such a fun grandad.
"I see so much of him in Bodhi though, he's definitely his guardian angel. It was from a dream Carlos had that we found out I was pregnant with Bodhi, exactly one day before the first anniversary of Dad passing. Didn't believe in that kind of thing before but I sure do now! Bodhi looked just like him when he arrived too.
"Anyway, Happy Father's Day to all dads out there and everyone longing to become a dad one day soon. They're precious things, so don't wait to laugh with and hug them until it's too late."

For Celebrity Treasure Island's Sam Wallace, yesterday marked his first Father's Day as a new dad. Sam posted an adorable image of himself reading to his son and thanked his partner Sarah Bowman "for perfection."
"It was the perfect first Father's Day," he said simply.
Sam and Sarah welcomed their son Brando three days after Christmas and Sam admitted to Woman's Day earlier this year that he's so obsessed with his adorable new son he has to remind himself on the way to work as The Hits breakfast radio show host that he can't just talk about Brando all the time!

Zoe Marshall, who has been refreshingly open about the struggles she has faced as a new mother, took to Instagram to celebrate husband Benji Marshall, who has been named Sports Dad of the Year, for being "the most patient, kind, loving, silly, handsome daddy in town" but also to acknowledge those for who Father's Day is a difficult day:
"You are the most patient, kind, loving, silly, handsome daddy in town @benji6marshall," she wrote. "We are so grateful, you turn up for Fox everyday. You are present, attentive and in tune with everything he needs. He is lucky.
"And to those of you who have disappointing father's, not present father's, father's that have passed or are a single mumma or papa. I see you. Today isn't easy for everyone. I get it. Sending love to you. Bloody spoil yourself today. You deserve it."

Dame Valerie Adams, who welcomed her second child, Kepaleli, with husband Gabriel Price earlier this year, wrote:
"Happy Fathers Day to this guy. 💙 Kimoana and Kepaleli are so blessed to have such an awesome dad who lets them get away with pretty much everything🤦🏽‍♀️Thanks for all that you do for our little family🙌🏽We love you."

Radio and TV host Sharyn Casey has made no secret of the struggles and and husband Bryce had in conceiving their son, and so her Father's Day post paying tribute to her husband was also particularly sensitive to those who very much want to be dads:
"Happy Fathers Day @brycecasey from this moment where you had to do the skin to skin while I woke up from GA to 20 months later where you go above and beyond for our wee mate, you're the amazing Dad I knew you would be. We love and appreciate you ALOT," she wrote.
"Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads/Step Dads today.
"Sending loads of love to the people that remember their awesome Dads and to the dudes wanting so badly to be Dads, I'm crossing everything for you that your wish comes true ASAP, it used to break my heart watching Bryce struggle through Fathers Day on our long journey to Tyson so please be kind to yourselves today MASSIVE hugs ❤️❤️❤️"

Laura McGoldrick, who is a proud supporter of her husband, Black Caps captain Martin Guptill, wrote, "Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there but especially these two amazing men! We are so lucky to have you both.
"Thank you for all the fun, all the adventures and all you do for us. You guys are the best. We adore you ❤️"