How our favourite Kiwi celebrities celebrated Halloween with their kids

Let's just say, there were some very cute outfits!

While many Kiwi parents were trapped in school halls attending prize givings on Halloween, a few were able to take part in the spooky celebration with their kids, including a number of celebrities.
There was a little trick-or-treating, a lot of dressing up and some extra teeth-brushing at bedtime to make up for all those lollies.
Here, we round up how some of our favourite celebrities celebrated Halloween with their kids.

At Sam Wallace's house it was a family affair, with every family member dressing up, although it wasn't only son Brando who seemed confused by the wigs.
"Halloween!!! I can't explain the curly wigs!!!" TV weatherman and Celebrity Treasure Island winner Sam wrote on Instagram alongside an image of himself and partner Sarah Bowman dressed up with their 10-month-old son.
"But it sure is nice to have a full head of hair 😂😂😂 Happy Halloween you scary MoFo's!!!"

Suzy Cato made for a very smiley Maleficent when she dressed up and showed her support for RMHC New Zealand (Ronald McDonald House New Zealand).
The popular former children's TV host, who had the entire nation in tears following her shock elimination from Dancing With The Stars 2018, spent the afternoon at Ronald McDonald House spending time with the families who were staying there. She shared with her followers, "No trick or treating for me today 😃 for me it was all about treating the kids at Ronald McDonald House to a few smiles, stories and a few hugs 💜💙💚❤️"

Anika Moa's button of a daughter, Marigold, only managed to look even more adorable sporting a mono-brow and flowers as Frida Kahlo. The nine-month old happily posed for Halloween pics for her Kiwi songstress mum with her equally adorable big brother, 'Spiderman'.

Toni Street's daughters, Mackenzie and Juliette, got in amongst it with the neighbourhood trick-or-treating scene.
The Hits Breakfast show host and mum-of-three shared pictures on Instagram with the caption, "Halloween just keeps getting bigger every year.. I for one am exhausted!!"

ZM radio host and Have You Been Paying Attention? star Vaughan Smith made sure his daughters brushed their teeth "extra long" at bedtime after eating their Halloween loot.
He shared on Instagram: "Halloween at the Smiths. Indie wanted to be a "kid devil" and August wanted to be a Unicorn. Possibly the opposite of their actual personalities. But candy was acquired. A few were eaten. And teeth were brushed extra long on this All Hallows' eve. 🎃 👻"
Looks like a great night was had by all.