Jessica Biel says she doesn’t want son Silas following his dad into the music industry

Justin Timberlake might be one of the music industry's biggest stars, but if Jessica Biel has her way, their son won't be following in his footsteps!
Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel

The couple, who welcomed their son Silas two years ago, generally prefer to keep their home life out of the spotlight – but in a new interview, doting mum Jessica is opening up about why she doesn’t want her boy following Justin into the music industry.

“I would like our baby to inherit Justin’s charm and his sense of humour. There are many qualities I’d love him to get from Justin,” she told

“But there’s one thing I don’t want for him. I really don’t want him to be a musician.”

The 35-year-old actress explains that she worries about how hard the industry is for new musicians, having seen first-hand how it is for her husband to deal with.

“Well, whatever he wants to be, he can be, of course. I say that sort of as a joke, but in reality, the music business is really tough. I watch what Justin goes through and he is at the top of his game. He has access to work with any producer, and he can actually get songs on the radio. And this is from someone who makes great music; he tours and makes it look very easy, but he’s been working for years and years and years to get to where he is.”

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With a career as a musician out for now, Jessica says she would want little Silas to grow up to he an “engineer or a doctor” instead.

“I already have this image of him as a struggling musician and that’s like, ‘Oh my God! As a mum, you think 30 years into the future and you’re like, ‘How do I fix this for him?” she revealed.

The actress also touched on how she and Justin balance their work duties with their responsibilities as parents, revealing that Justin is relishing his time with Silas as she is busy filming her new TV show The Sinner.

Jessica says she doesn’t Silas following in his father’s musical footsteps. Photo: Getty

“We don’t have a foolproof equation of exactly what to do, but right now I know he feels like it’s my turn. I had this baby and in the last couple of years I really haven’t worked all that much, on purpose,” she said, adding that everything shifted for her once she became a mother.

“Before you become a parent, you think you are a patient person. You are not. You think you are a compassionate person. You are not.”

The couple wed in a fairytale ceremony in 2012, and welcomed their son Silas Randall Timberlake on April 8, 2015.

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