Is this woman’s baby yoga workout dangerous?

The video has provoked outrage online, with many viewers berating the mum’s ‘dangerous’ yoga moves with her children.
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An instagrammer who regularly involves her kids in her workouts has been slammed for putting them in danger with her latest video.

Melanie Darnell, who goes by the Instagram name ‘fitmomma4two,’ describes herself as “Growing a mom village through fun mommy/baby workouts, toddler vegan meals & sharing mommy adventures.”

And while her posts usually garner a great deal of positive feedback for demonstrating workouts and healthy meals you can do at home, one of her latest videos has provoked quite a backlash.

As Melanie’s baby plays in her cot, the fitness fanatic performs yoga moves over the top of her – using the cot sides to balance.

“Everyday household items can be great workout equipment” writes Melanie.

Melanie regularly posts pictures of her workouts with her kids

But others didn’t agree.

One Instagram user wrote back: “A crib is not meant to hold her weight in that position. Period. There are ZERO manufacture tests testing the strength of her weight pressing against the crib. Way to endanger your child and show other women to endanger theirs as well. #momfail #dangerous.”

Another added: “You are literally risking your baby’s life to do a couple exercises?! Push ups could be done on the floor!! Or go to the gym and find a babysitter.”

“This is ridiculous. You don’t need to do this over your baby. Have some common sense…you can do these exercises on the floor,” another concluded.

Melanie did attempt to defend herself from some of her critics, writing: “My child’s safety is always first. Both my husband and I checked the security of the crib and my background in Pilates and gymnastics allows me to safely perform such moves.”

She also added: “I was only encouraging others to look at furniture or household items in a new light. Like you do dips on the couch.”

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