Is this the most important lesson to teach young girls?

Is kindness the most important, and often overlooked, lesson we can teach our children?

Bullying is rife among young girls
In a world where girls are increasingly being given contradictory messages, one blogger feels it’s time we instilled the most important skill of all – how to be kind – into our girls.
During her post for Selfish Mother, Gemma Barder talks about her experience of being bullied – by young girls no less.
Documenting the too common tale of a girl gang making the life of a youngster a misery, Gemma expresses her fears for her two young daughters. Growing up 30 years later than herself, with social media and all of its terrifying opportunities for abuse, Gemma writes:
“What if this sort of thing happens to one of my girls? The horrible truth of the matter is, it might. It probably will at some point and in some form and there’s not much I can do to stop it.”
As terrifying as it may seem to protective parents, the likelihood is that children will be bullied at some stage or another, the key is to produce children who won’t be the bully themselves.
“We need to teach girls to be kind, teach girls to be inclusive, teach girls to be supportive of one another,” Gemma writes.
“Teach girls that they will have more obstacles to overcome in the future to be wasting their time on making other girls feel bad.”
“If we do this then school, work and the world will be a much nicer place and growing up might not be so hard.”
She signs off: “Big’up the future sisterhood.”
We heartily concur.